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St. Joseph Vocational Training Centre?

St. Joseph is the husband of Mary. St. Joseph and Blessed Virgin Mary are parents of Jesus Christ. St. Joseph was a carpenter- a committed, hardworking, honest and God fearing man. He is a Patron saint of vocational Training Centre’s around the world for working class and laborers. Therefore this institute is
dedicated to St. Joseph and named after him as St. Joseph’s vocational training Centre.








Years of experience

St. John Bosco, commonly known around the world as DON BOSCO was born on 16th August 1816 in the little village of Becchi, in Turin, Italy. He was a very good and hardworking boy who participated in daily prayers. He lost his father at the age of 2. He struggled for education, hired himself as daily wages worker at farm and finished his studies. He learned different trades like tailoring, shoe making, carpentry, masonry, printing etc. He learned and also taught his companions to be self-reliant. He gathered young, adolescent and working boys to give them good recreational time, lodging and accommodation. He fought for their rights and brought them close to God by being with them. He dedicated his life to poor and needy youth by becoming a priest. He taught his students and wrote many books. He helped young boys to discover their vocations by guiding and educating them. He formed a small play stations-oratories where orphan, working class youth, poor and those who did not have place to stay came together to play, to stay and to pray. Some of these boys, he formed a Society for the education……….. It was called – Salesians of Don Bosco, a religious congregation. He gave birth to an education system known as Preventive system.
The System is based on three principles: Reason, Religion and Loving kindness.
Reason: The Educator helps students to understand the guidelines of the school and encourages dialogue.

Religion: One’s religion is very important because it gives meaning to one’s life.

Loving Kindness: The educator becomes a brother & friend and guide to students through his continuous presence and kindness.

This education system has produced wonderful results, all Don Bosco institutions follow this preventive system of Education. The fruits of this education system gave birth to Good and Honest Citizens in abundance by animating accompaniment to individuals. He died at the age of 73 on 31st January 1888. He was declared a saint in the Catholic Church because of his dedication to youth and his great contribution to humanity by educating and taking care of the youth. Salesians of Don Bosco are active in 133 countries across the world. They have 14476 active Salesians in parishes, schools, vocational training centers, universities, and education centers etc.
(Sources: CG28 and Dati Statistic, 2020)


St. Joseph’s VTC is a catholic educational institute, run by the Salesians Of Don Bosco. Hence the method of education followed in the school is the method taught and practiced by Don Bosco, based on the fear of GOD, on conviction, prevention of faults and fraternal corrections. It is known as Preventive Education System. The aim is to form “GOOD AND HONEST CITIZENS.” The aim of the institute is to impart a sound education by cultivating in the pupils/staff a habit of piety, self-reliance and discipline while they go through their studies. We give particular attention to discipline and character formation by means of constant presence of the Educator and moral Educations. The institute aims at developing human resources and helping the students to acquire professional skills through modern educational methods, machineries and tools. The institute encourages student/staff participation's in the school activities by means of organization of house system and clubs that aim at fostering the genuine interest of the students in the intellectual, cultural, social and other extra-curricular activities for the holistic formation of the students. St. Joseph’s VTC has basic facilities. A place to play, study, work, and place to rest and feel at home, a place where friends gather, who are honest and good Citizens. An experience of last 30 years shows youth return to town because they find easy to survive in a town, therefore St. Joseph’s VTC creates such ambient for them so they need not to run away but find all their basic fulfillments of work, study.


The St.Joseph’s VTC is to empower street children/youth so that they may be able to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Its fundamental mission is to give them the tools to carve out a dignified future for themselves and returned to their home and makes a wonderful place to live.


St. Joseph’s VTC practices a preventive system, which is based on Reason, Religious Values, and Loving Kindness. We believe in listening and learning from our children / youth. Thus we follow a participatory approach. St. John Bosco was an exceptional educator. His acute intelligence, common sense and profound spirituality led him to create a system of education that develops the whole person - body, heart, mind and spirit. It enhances growth and freedom while putting the child at the centre of the whole educational enterprise. To distinguish his method from the repressive system of education prevalent in 19th century Italy, he called his own method the ‘preventive’ system – because it seeks to prevent the need for punishment by placing the child in an environment in which he/she is encouraged to be the best one can be. It is a congenial, friendly and holistic approach to education. It creates a climate that ‘draws forth’ (educere) the best in the child, that encourages the child’s complete and fullest self-expression, that assists young people in acquiring habits that will lead them to opt in favour of what is good, healthy, joyful and life-enhancing.


Registration Name :
Bosco Aid.
Don Bosco Development office. Juba

Registration Number :
Trust Reg. No. 1438/Juba/South Sudan/2012

The Trust is registered on 5th June 2012 in accordance with the South (New) Sudan NGO’s Act, 2003.

Nature: Religious, Educational and Social

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